Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ashley's VMA Notes

Miley Cyrus thinks she's hood on the red carpet.
Ariana grande sounds just like young mariah Carey
Taylor swift on the red carpet. Gorgeous dress not the hair. Still hate her
Lady gaga booed? Soo weird
Miley's performance she has to be on some sort of drugs I totally understand why Liam ended it
How is it appropriate? Her dad needs to discipline her
Lil Kim really? Didnt think she was out of jail
Where has hip hop music gone? It's officially dead.
Kevin hart rips the vmas
Jared Leto introduces kanye as yeezus himself ugh seriously?
And the award for weirdest performance at the vmas.... Miley gaga or kanye
Best female video seriously Taylor swift ugh I want to thank the person who inspired this song he knows who he is because now I have one of these
Video with a Social message same love by macklemore
Justin timber lake debut solo performance 11 years ago at vmas
Amazing performance I might be biased or there wasn't a lot to compete with
I still run this bitch!! Yeah he does
Loved the backwards progression of all his hits
He has the most amazing dance moves
Can we just take a moment of silence to drool
Nsync Girlfriend and bye bye bye. Happy to know I still remembered the dance moves to them. Brought out my 12 year old girl side
Michael Jackson award for JT loved jimmy Fallon as his presenter
14 vma awards. Props to his nsync guys!
Long performance loved it!!
Taylor swift is an attention whore lady gagas song live for the applause should be about her why does the camera stay glued to her?
Kevin hart rips vmas on nsync.
Why is lady gaga still wearing her bikini
Song of the summer... One direction best song ever! Very catchy!!
A lot of talk about gay rights. Macklemore song ironic talks about hating others but he hates on conservatives and the church where's the difference?
Artist of the year... Austin mahone I never even heard his music before. The new Justin beiber?
Brought back tlc who else is coming out of hiding?
Drake started from the bottom no really you started on nickelodeon come on now
Bruno mars new song guerrilla don't love it
Video of the year....Justin timber lake mirrors! Amazing! Taylor swift looked pissed tribute to grandparents! Now he has 15
Not once did he mention Jessica?
Final performance Katy perry new song roar! Love her! on red carpet talked about how even with everything she's been through made it a positive album instead of a dark one!
New show red neck heaven and scrubbing in about nurses
Taylor swift fans comment she isn't nice and she's changed so much since fearless for the worse.


Twerkin' Ain't Classy

Twerkin' Ain't Classy
It's a show full of entertainment news.  So, sit back and get ready for some Hollywood in your face. 
We start by talking about some breaking news about a potential breakup. 
Kelly Clarkson and her fiancee have decided to not have a huge wedding and elope.  Is there a baby on the way?  We will let you know what she says. 
Eva Longoria is just not luck in love.  After a four month relationship, she is back to being single. 
Na na na na na... Batman!!!  The world is pissy about the person that has been chosen to be the next crime fighting super hero... Batman!  What do you think?
MTV did it again... they have the world talking about the 2013 installment of their Video Music award.  Miley, JT, Katie, Lady Gaga... Ashley recaps it all with her take on the crazy night.
"You're Next" hit theaters this weekend, and Janet can finally let you know if it's worth your money. 
Horseradish vodka, late night pizza, Dave Matthews, Snoop Dogg, wedding, and much more made up are busy but fabulous weekends. 


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Your Co-Worker Makes What?!?!?

Ashley has returned from sick leave!! 
A lot of younger celebrities have died recently.  We talk about the most recent tragedy. 
Miley Cyrus is always in the news.  We have seen her evolve from Hannah Montana to…. Ummm… an adult??  She has explained the changes and the answer shocked us. 
“Coal Miner’s Daughter” is hitting Broadway.  Loretta Lynn, the original Coal Miner’s Daughter, recently revealed why she chose the actress, Zooey Deschanel, to play the lead role.  The most shocking part of our discussion is the fact that Ashley doesn’t know who Loretta Lynn is.  Janet might need to educate her. 
Models work real hard, ((Eye Roll)), we were surprised at what the top five models, according to Forbes, pull in annually.  Who is the highest paid model??
Breast Feeding in public has been a controversial topic over the last few years.  A recent story about the issue had us floored.  Listen in as we weigh in on the controversy.
We buy things because of endorsements from our favorite Hollywood people… don’t lie, you know it’s true.  We unwrap the bank role associate with the biggest celebrity endorsements. 
Are we closer to discovering the fountain of youth?  A rare unnamed illness may be the key to the highly sought immortality that we all seek. 
Would you want to work in a “transparent” workplace?  Find out what means and weigh in with your thoughts.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Want Jennifer Aniston’s Body - Podcast 08/12/2013

Two…Errr… One?! Ashley is on the mend and so Janet sits down and tries to deliver your dose of girls stuff, wine, entertainment news, movie news, and much more.

Cinderella on Saturday… Batman on Sunday.  That is a summary of Janet’s weekend.  Listen in and hear what made her weekend so crazy, but crazy fun.

Janet announces the winner of our “You’re Next” screening contest from last week.  Did you win?!?  Listen in. 

“We Are The Millers” debuted at the box office this last weekend.  It didn’t top the box office numbers, but Janet gives you her review…. “I want Jennifer Aniston’s body!”  Listen in and hear her review… Do you agree?

IPSY… what is Ipsy and why is it a great idea for women and why should men know what Ipsy is?  Janet goes over her August Ipsy bag…. You will want to sign up.  I promise.  www.ipsy.com

Justin Bieber..Naked with his guitar…. For his…. Grandma?! 

Are Miranda and Blake going to load up the tour bus together?!?!  Janet might be dreaming… but it could happen. 

Amanda Bynes update…. Is she getting better or is she too far gone?

We may be missing the Two Girls, but Janet goes through a list of 7 Fixes For Common Undergarment Malfunctions.

Women are vain…. There is a new way that women are getting their desired curves.  Janet discusses this very dangerous trend.  Something to avoid, for sure. 

Today – Monday is a great day… Happy Vinyl Record Day!!!  Janet gives some history about this not-so-publicized holiday. 

Janet and Ashley are getting older… kind of.  Janet goes over some less than traditional clues that you are becoming an adult.