Tuesday, December 10, 2013


It has been cold in Colorado!! Like -10 - Ashley has returned from Cabo and we gotta talk about her vacation. It is so good to have her back! One of your fav ladies, Leighton Meester will be making her Broadway debut with one of Hollywood's leading men. Actors make alot of money!! Who are the most overpaid Actors in Hollywood? We run who Forbes has listed. You aren't going to believe what Britney Spears Loves and who she defends. The Grammy nominations were announced and the media has said there were some surprises! We go through our favorites and our predictions for the January 26th show! Miley Cyrus has responded to something Jennifer Lawrence said - why can't Miley just shhhhhh! Brad Pitt has a big birthday coming up on December 18th and you won't believe what Angelina bought Brad to help him celebrate his 50th birthday. Are you ready, Ashley? We talk about some exciting Zac Brown news for THIS WEEK!! Let us not forget that Ashley recently got engaged. So - we thought we would share some financial tips for newly engaged couples. Cosmo magazine has opened our eyes to something amazing - Here us talk about WINESTRAWS!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

He Got Down On One Knee, Now We Have A Bride To Be

After dating for ten years, Ashley’s guy finally popped the question. She is floating and we discuss the monumental occasion with the help of a special guest. Congrats to Ashley and Joey!! The American Music Awards were Sunday night. We recap the winners of the evening and some of the not so normal occurrences. Since Ashley is newly engaged, We felt that it might be a good idea to go over 8 things to do after you are engaged. Don't forget Small Business Saturday 2013 - it's this Saturday! It's a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities. Please join the SBA and organizations across the country in supporting your local small business by shopping at a small business. Happy Thanksgiving!! Make sure and take the day to be thankful for all of your blessings. Thank you so much for listening and supporting our show. We count all of you as a huge blessing in our lives!! http://www.twogirlsandabottleofwine.podbean.com/

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Empowerment and Mouse Ears

Monday was a special day and everyone needs to celebrate this week! Join us as we celebrate the birth of a special Mouse!! What Music Are You Listening to? We discuss what is hot on our playlist and what we should all be listening to. Music can be empowering. There is a new song by an artist that many know that should be very empowering to all women. Which one are we talking about? Hollywood has painted an unreal picture of what women should be and it might be time to crack that and snap back to reality. Did you want to be a princess when you were young? There is a school that is trying to get rid of that mind set in their female students. Who didn't want to be Cinderella, Belle, Ariel or Jasmine?! But where will that goal get you in life? That is why a Kentucky school has a campaign to squash that thinking in young girls. Women should be taught at a young age to get educated and shape their own futures. This school has a plan to make that their focus. Fifty Shades Update - What's the new word with the much anticipated movie? First an actor drops out, now this... Will we ever actually be able to see Fifty Shades of Grey on the big screen? We have been drooling over the pics that have been released for the movie and now we have to wait a little longer for the story to play out in theaters. Janet has embraced Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey.... have you? Valentine's Day and Fifty Shades of Grey... a nice pair. :) Are they on the rocks or aren't they? We let you know when it comes to one of the power couples in country music. Tim and Faith have been together for 17 years?!?! Is it still smooth sailing? Why can't happy be a story when it comes to famous people... this couple believes it can! Can you believe their oldest daughter, Gracie, is a junior in high school? Ryan and Rachel РA perfect couple?! Again? Mascara can be tricky and so we have some tips on how to master the art of those beautiful lashes. Facebook and Photos.... what comes to mind? Is Janet annoying with her posting? We run down the most annoying Facebook photos to post... remember less is more. In life and on FB let's all try to keep the clich̩ ones to a minimum.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veteran's Day, CMA's, and Parties.... Weeee!

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave HAPPY VETERAN’s DAY 2013!! Thank you to all the women and men that have fought for our freedom!! The CMA’s were last week. We provide our recap here. It’s our inside opinion. Blockbuster… so sad to see you go away. The world of VHS has died and now Blockbuster… No worries… we still have Redbox. The European Video Music Awards were Sunday and Miley did it again. Also, Katy Perry is sporting a pretty ring on that special finger. She is dating a playboy, but did she tame him? The Hollywood starlets are chopping their hair. We talk about Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence.. Why would they do it? Would you let your man take your name when you get married? One musician did and then he had to drop it… what took him so long? Parties… parties… parties… We go over the stages of partying through different ages. www.twogirlsandabottleofwine.podbean.com

Two Girls And A Bottle Wine - Our Podcast

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gym, Tan, Laundry turns into Diapers, Bottles and Teething Rings #babymamadrama

We are so happy to announce that our show can now be heard on iHeart radio.  Here is a link to last week's show - http://www.iheart.com/#/talk/show/23938004/?episode_id=23938124
From Jackass comes Bad Grandpa.  This new movie has taken over the box office this week.  Did you see it?  What did you think? 
Janet has started watching Orange is the New Black.  She has good stuff to say about it.  Julianne Hough is also a fan and dressed up as one of her favorite characters for Halloween and now she is in hot water.  We think it's ridiculous!!
Finally... again... the powers that be have chosen someone to play Christian Grey in the much anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey.  Are we excited... are you excited?
The CMA's are next week and some more performers have been announced.  We are so excited!!  Nov. 6th.... don't forget to set your DVR. 
#hashtags #are #Taking #over - which hash tags need to stop NOW?!?!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In Love, Timing Is Everything

Ashley had a fun and exciting weekend that included a dinner date, a fabulous movie and a fabulous find.  Listen in as she recaps.
Janet might just be the next match maker.  Found out if her love pairing skills are up to par with Match.com.
The Emmy's were last night and we let you know what we like and what we didn't like about them.  What were your favorite parts?
Neither one of us are married, but it's in our plans.... we hope.  Ashley is a planner and has thought 18 months would be an ideal engagement.  Janet hasn't really thought that far ahead.  So we found an article that compares the lengths of engagements and what is ideal.  Share your personal story with us and we just might share it with the world.  You can email us at twogirlsandabottleofwine@gmail.com.
Staying on the marriage track... what is the ideal age for a woman to tie the knot?  Age 22 to 25, age 25 to 30, age 30 to 35, age 35 to 40, or age 40+  There are pros and cons to everything and we talk about them. 
Grey's Anantomy premieres this week.  And we share one of the reasons we love that show so much!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

9/16/2013 A Melt Down Waiting To Happen
It's Janet's favorite B and she is back.... it's Britney and she is rumored to be making serious bank for performing in Las Vegas... PLUS... she has a new single that has been released.  Have you heard it?  Do you like it?
Robin Williams is headed to your television... just in case you have missed all of the marketing.  We were excited to see him return, but the reason he is returning kind of surprised us.  When will the man learn that women are evil?!
Beyonce has some fanatic fans. During a recent concert, she was literally pulled off stage.  Did she handle it with grace?  We will let you know. 
Julie Chen, host of Big Brother and The Talk, spoke this week about plastic surgery that she felt she had to have twenty years ago.  Is it the reason she has done so well?  Would you go under the knife for a chance of success?
November 6th is a big night in the Country Music world.... aka Janet's world.  It's been a year since Ashley fell in love with the Zac Brown Band.  It all started with the CMA Awards last year.  This week we go over the nominees for the CMA's and who we think will win.... or who we want to win.  This can be two very different things.
Papa Jim was who Ashley immediately thought of when she read the story about a Utah father that went a little crazy to prove a point to his teen aged daughter.  If you were a teenager, could you forgive your papa for turning into a Daisy Duke Dad?
The Emmy's are next Sunday... set your DVR.  There will be five TV stars remembered during this year's show.  We talk about it and set out calendars.
Sir Elton John has seen alot in his lifetime.  Who could forget his tribute to Princess Diana...? "Candle In The Wind"... the song was originally written for Norma Jean... aka Marilyn Monroe.  Elton has come out and said that he has predicted many celebrity meltdowns that have occurred.  Now he is aiming his crystal ball at Miley.  Do you think he should be making such crazy predictions?  Do you think he is right?  You must admit it; we have all been thinking the same thing about Miley :)
Katy Perry is setting records with her latest single, "Roar".  Find out what records and when her new album is going to be available.... heck, just go pre-order it now. 
Snooki has come a long way since her drunken brawls in 2009 when Jersey Shore first came into our lives.  Do you think she has progressed nicely?  Ashley weighs in with her thoughts on Snooki and the so called transformation.
Ashley and Janet went shopping for new fall candles this weekend.  I guess they are embracing the season upon us, FALL. 
In order to celebrate, we run through 7 Healthy Reasons to Get Excited for Fall.  PSL may or may not be in there. 
Keep Colorado in your thoughts and prayers.  We haven't been affected directly, but so many near us have.  There has been alot of rain and flooding.  Now the rain seems to have passed, but there is alot of recovering to do.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Snooki The Dancing Queen?!
Transitioning from Summer to Fall.  Are you ready to put your flip flops away and break out those boots?  Are you someone that can wear shorts with a sweater?  We weight in without season changing pros and cons. 
The View is starting their new season.  Jenny McCarthy is joining the cast and we may just have to set our DVRs.  Who will be her first guest?  Clue... NKOTB + BF =
A famous bodyguard is dead due to a taser.  Who did he protect and why is he in the news?
We keep talking about it, but so is the rest of the world.... Fifty Shades of Grey casting. We finally make our decision on if we will be seeing the on screen version of our favorite books.
J-Lo and T-Sweezy are an unlikely pairing, but alas they are joining focuses on a song that will be in J-Lo's next album.  What do you think that song with be about?  A long lost boyfriend, dancing the night away or going postal in their local Urban Outfitter. 
Dancing with the Stars has released their line-up and Ashley is so excited.  Who are your favorite contenders this season?  Janet might just have to watch this year. 
American Idol might be alot less drama this year, but Janet thinks it is definitely not lacking the eye candy... three judges this year and we talk about who they are. 
Do you have a true Internet Addiction?  If so, they have a treatment now for you.  Will this be another excuse for people to sit back and be lazy?
20 something’s... 30 something’s... 40 something’s and beyond... we run through a list of things you should know.  Very informational! 
It's our one year anniversary.  Celebrate with us by listening, sharing, loving and drinking some @relaxwines. 


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ashley's VMA Notes

Miley Cyrus thinks she's hood on the red carpet.
Ariana grande sounds just like young mariah Carey
Taylor swift on the red carpet. Gorgeous dress not the hair. Still hate her
Lady gaga booed? Soo weird
Miley's performance she has to be on some sort of drugs I totally understand why Liam ended it
How is it appropriate? Her dad needs to discipline her
Lil Kim really? Didnt think she was out of jail
Where has hip hop music gone? It's officially dead.
Kevin hart rips the vmas
Jared Leto introduces kanye as yeezus himself ugh seriously?
And the award for weirdest performance at the vmas.... Miley gaga or kanye
Best female video seriously Taylor swift ugh I want to thank the person who inspired this song he knows who he is because now I have one of these
Video with a Social message same love by macklemore
Justin timber lake debut solo performance 11 years ago at vmas
Amazing performance I might be biased or there wasn't a lot to compete with
I still run this bitch!! Yeah he does
Loved the backwards progression of all his hits
He has the most amazing dance moves
Can we just take a moment of silence to drool
Nsync Girlfriend and bye bye bye. Happy to know I still remembered the dance moves to them. Brought out my 12 year old girl side
Michael Jackson award for JT loved jimmy Fallon as his presenter
14 vma awards. Props to his nsync guys!
Long performance loved it!!
Taylor swift is an attention whore lady gagas song live for the applause should be about her why does the camera stay glued to her?
Kevin hart rips vmas on nsync.
Why is lady gaga still wearing her bikini
Song of the summer... One direction best song ever! Very catchy!!
A lot of talk about gay rights. Macklemore song ironic talks about hating others but he hates on conservatives and the church where's the difference?
Artist of the year... Austin mahone I never even heard his music before. The new Justin beiber?
Brought back tlc who else is coming out of hiding?
Drake started from the bottom no really you started on nickelodeon come on now
Bruno mars new song guerrilla don't love it
Video of the year....Justin timber lake mirrors! Amazing! Taylor swift looked pissed tribute to grandparents! Now he has 15
Not once did he mention Jessica?
Final performance Katy perry new song roar! Love her! on red carpet talked about how even with everything she's been through made it a positive album instead of a dark one!
New show red neck heaven and scrubbing in about nurses
Taylor swift fans comment she isn't nice and she's changed so much since fearless for the worse.


Twerkin' Ain't Classy

Twerkin' Ain't Classy
It's a show full of entertainment news.  So, sit back and get ready for some Hollywood in your face. 
We start by talking about some breaking news about a potential breakup. 
Kelly Clarkson and her fiancee have decided to not have a huge wedding and elope.  Is there a baby on the way?  We will let you know what she says. 
Eva Longoria is just not luck in love.  After a four month relationship, she is back to being single. 
Na na na na na... Batman!!!  The world is pissy about the person that has been chosen to be the next crime fighting super hero... Batman!  What do you think?
MTV did it again... they have the world talking about the 2013 installment of their Video Music award.  Miley, JT, Katie, Lady Gaga... Ashley recaps it all with her take on the crazy night.
"You're Next" hit theaters this weekend, and Janet can finally let you know if it's worth your money. 
Horseradish vodka, late night pizza, Dave Matthews, Snoop Dogg, wedding, and much more made up are busy but fabulous weekends. 


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Your Co-Worker Makes What?!?!?

Ashley has returned from sick leave!! 
A lot of younger celebrities have died recently.  We talk about the most recent tragedy. 
Miley Cyrus is always in the news.  We have seen her evolve from Hannah Montana to…. Ummm… an adult??  She has explained the changes and the answer shocked us. 
“Coal Miner’s Daughter” is hitting Broadway.  Loretta Lynn, the original Coal Miner’s Daughter, recently revealed why she chose the actress, Zooey Deschanel, to play the lead role.  The most shocking part of our discussion is the fact that Ashley doesn’t know who Loretta Lynn is.  Janet might need to educate her. 
Models work real hard, ((Eye Roll)), we were surprised at what the top five models, according to Forbes, pull in annually.  Who is the highest paid model??
Breast Feeding in public has been a controversial topic over the last few years.  A recent story about the issue had us floored.  Listen in as we weigh in on the controversy.
We buy things because of endorsements from our favorite Hollywood people… don’t lie, you know it’s true.  We unwrap the bank role associate with the biggest celebrity endorsements. 
Are we closer to discovering the fountain of youth?  A rare unnamed illness may be the key to the highly sought immortality that we all seek. 
Would you want to work in a “transparent” workplace?  Find out what means and weigh in with your thoughts.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Want Jennifer Aniston’s Body - Podcast 08/12/2013

Two…Errr… One?! Ashley is on the mend and so Janet sits down and tries to deliver your dose of girls stuff, wine, entertainment news, movie news, and much more.

Cinderella on Saturday… Batman on Sunday.  That is a summary of Janet’s weekend.  Listen in and hear what made her weekend so crazy, but crazy fun.

Janet announces the winner of our “You’re Next” screening contest from last week.  Did you win?!?  Listen in. 

“We Are The Millers” debuted at the box office this last weekend.  It didn’t top the box office numbers, but Janet gives you her review…. “I want Jennifer Aniston’s body!”  Listen in and hear her review… Do you agree?

IPSY… what is Ipsy and why is it a great idea for women and why should men know what Ipsy is?  Janet goes over her August Ipsy bag…. You will want to sign up.  I promise.  www.ipsy.com

Justin Bieber..Naked with his guitar…. For his…. Grandma?! 

Are Miranda and Blake going to load up the tour bus together?!?!  Janet might be dreaming… but it could happen. 

Amanda Bynes update…. Is she getting better or is she too far gone?

We may be missing the Two Girls, but Janet goes through a list of 7 Fixes For Common Undergarment Malfunctions.

Women are vain…. There is a new way that women are getting their desired curves.  Janet discusses this very dangerous trend.  Something to avoid, for sure. 

Today – Monday is a great day… Happy Vinyl Record Day!!!  Janet gives some history about this not-so-publicized holiday. 

Janet and Ashley are getting older… kind of.  Janet goes over some less than traditional clues that you are becoming an adult.